Indonesia adds four extra public holidays for 2020


The Indonesian government has added four days to the list of national holidays and joint leave in 2020.

This was announced by the Coordinating Minister for Human Empowerment and Culture Muhadjir Effendy.

The addition of the holidays by the government has been made in an attempt to stimulate the economy, especially tourism in Indonesia.

Muhadjir said: “In the afternoon at the PMK Coordinating Ministry a ministerial level meeting was attended by the Minister of Religion, the Menaker, MenPANRB and there was the Secretary General of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Menparekraf.

“The consideration is that setting the right leave will have a positive impact on the national economy,” he continued.

The extra dates for the holidays are as follows:

  • Eid al-Fitr: May 28th and May 29th
  • Islamic New Year: August 21st
  • Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad: October 30th

Besides the official holiday, ‘libur bersama’ or ‘cuti bersama’, or joint leave(s) are declared nationwide by the government. These are usually used to bridge holidays to the weekend. The new cuti bersama brings the total for 2020 to eight, well above the average of about five each year.

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