The Community of Madrid Publishes The 2020 Work Calendar

2020 Europe

The Governing Council has approved the work calendar of the Community of Madrid for 2020, which will have twelve community-wide holidays. The regional municipalities can add up to two local holidays.

Citizens will lose one day in 2020 as the Festival of the Community of Madrid on May 2nd falls on a Saturday.

In 2020, there are only two changes to standard dates; All Saint’s Day falls on a Sunday, so the non-working day moves to the following Monday. Likewise Constitution Day moves from Sunday December 6th to the following Monday, bridging Immaculate Conception Day on Tuesday December 8th, creating a four day weekend.

These are the holidays according to the approved work calendar for 2020:

  • January 1st (Wednesday), New Year.
  • January 6th (Monday), Epiphany of the Lord.
  • April 9th, Holy Thursday.
  • April 10th, Good Friday.
  • May 1st (Friday), Labour Day.
  • May 2st (Saturday), Festival of the Community of Madrid.
  • August 15th (Saturday), Assumption of the Virgin.
  • October 12th (Monday), Hispanic Day.
  • November 2nd (Monday), All Saints Day (observed).
  • December 7th (Monday), Spanish Constitution Day (observed).
  • December 8th (Tuesday), Immaculate Conception.
  • December 25th (Friday), Nativity of the Lord.

Full details of the 2020 public holidays in Madrid with year planners, region guide and calendar subscriptions.