Malta to increase leave entitlement for national holidays that fall on a weekend


Chapter 252 of the laws on Malta entitled “The National Holidays and Other Public Holidays Act” has been amended in February 2021 by virtue of Act IV, 2021.

The change is to ensure that any of such days that fall on Saturday or Sunday will be added to the official leave entitlement of an employee for that year.

Previously, whenever a public or national holiday fell on a Saturday or Sunday, an employee would not benefit from such leave.

With effect from January 1st 2021, when such a day falls on the weekend, these will now be considered a public holiday and individuals will be entitled to a day of vacation leave in addition to the ordinary leave entitlement for that year.

Section 2 of Chapter 252 provides that the following shall be National Holidays: 

Section 5 provides that Sundays and the days listed in the Schedule shall be public holidays.

Discretion is given to the Prime Minister to give directions as he may deem appropriate for the due celebration of the National Holidays as well as the amendment of the Schedule in Chapter 252.