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Maldives declares parliamentary election date as public holidays


Maldivian President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has declared Sunday, April 21st and Monday, April 22nd 2024 as public holidays in light of the Parliamentary Elections scheduled to be held then.

Maldivian elections are usually held on Saturdays, but April 21st is a Sunday, the beginning of the working week in the Maldives, while most election officials are full-time staff at government institutions. 

The Election Commission of the Maldives had earlier requested the president to declare the polling day a public holiday due to the significant involvement of government employees and the public in various election-related activities.

Elections Commission also requested that the following day also be declared a public holiday to facilitate follow up work such as vote counting, result announcements, and other election-related activities.

The parliamentary election was originally scheduled for March 17th. However, it was later rescheduled to be held on April 21st after the President ratified the bill passed twice by Parliament with amendments to the General Elections Act which prohibits elections from being held within Ramadan.

Public Holidays in Maldives for 2024