Saudi Arabia Announces Public Holiday for 93rd National Day

2023 Middle East

The Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has declared Saturday September 23rd 2023, the Saudi National Day, as an official holiday.

The official spokesman of the ministry, Mohammad Al Riski, said that all institutions operating in the public and private sector will be an official holiday on the 93rd National Day. According to Article 24 of the Executive Regulations of the Labor Law, employers are obliged to comply with the provisions set forth in the second paragraph of the Article on National Day. The article prescribes regulations to be followed by employers on public holidays. The Ministry has requested all employers to follow the instructions to promote smooth celebrations of the national event.

Also, Sunday, September 24th will be a holiday for students in various schools and universities to participate in the celebrations commemorating the country’s National Day.

Saudi National Day marks the historic unification of the kingdoms of Najd and Hijaz in 1932 by the first ruler, Abdul Aziz bin Saud. The country of Saudi Arabia is steeped in tradition and unity and marks this day with nationwide events and activities. The streets will resonate with a spirit of unity and pride. This year’s celebrations are themed ‘We Dream, We Achieve’.