Pii Mai

Lao announces Public Holiday dates for Lao New Year


The government of Lao has approved two additional off days as holiday substitutions for the Lao New Year festival or Pi Mai celebration in April which falls over the weekend this year.

The celebration will take place from April 14th to 16th (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) 2023, while the new year replacement holidays will be Monday April 17th and Tuesday 18th.

The notice was issued by the Office of the Prime Minister. It requested the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to support food production during this time and ensure enough food items are available in shops and markets. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has also been advised to regulate and control service prices during the celebration.

Lao New Year is an annual public celebration in the summer season of Laos that includes water play, merry-making at several temples, and other activities based on the traditions and culture of the country.