Bangladesh Bank Holidays for 2023

2023 Asia

The Bangladesh Bank (BB) has released the list of holidays in 2023 for the scheduled banks in the country in line with the holiday list published by the public administration ministry.

On Sunday November 13th 2022, Bangladesh Bank’s Department of Offsite Supervision sent an instruction regarding this to the chief executives of all banks.

The total of 24-day holidays in 2023 include – 21st February Martyr’s Day, 8th March Shabbat Barat, 17th March Father’s Day and Children’s Day, 26th March Independence and National Day, 14th April Bengali New Year, 19th April Shabbat Qadr, 21st April Jumatul Bida, 21-23 April Eid-ul-Fitr, 1 May May Day, 4 May Buddha Purnima (Baishmakhi Purnima), 28-30 June Eid-ul-Azha, 1 July Bank Holiday, 29 July Ashura, 15 August National Mourning Day, 6 September Janmashtami, 28 September Eid-ul-Miladunnabi (sa), 24 October Durga Puja (Victory tenth), 16 December Victory Day, 25 December Jesus Christ’s birthday (big day), 31 December Bank Holiday.

Banks will be closed on these days and dates, i.e. no bank transactions will be conducted on these days.