Jacob Oulanyah.

Uganda to observe Public Holiday on April 8 for State Funeral of Jacob Oulanyah


Friday April 8th 2022 has been declared as a public holiday in Uganda by President Museveni for the burial of Jacob Oulanyah.

Jacob Oulanyah, an agricultural economist, and lawyer, served as deputy speaker between 2006 and 2016. Oulanyah became Speaker of the 11th Parliament on May 24th 2021.

Oulanyah died on March 20th 2022 in Seattle, US, where he had been battling an unknown illness for two months. 

The day departed Speaker Jacob Oulanyah will be buried shall be designated a public holiday, according to the Parliamentary Pensions Act, which among others stipulates benefits for the speaker and deputy speaker in the event of death or retirement.

Oulanyah is the first speaker of parliament in Uganda to die in office.

The law stipulates that the day the speaker or deputy speaker is buried is designated a public holiday. Section 16 of Part D of the Parliamentary Pensions Act sates that: “A public holiday shall be declared on the day of burial, in accordance with the Public Holidays Act.”