Hong Kong

Hong Kong to add 5 statutory holidays by 2030


The government of Hong Kong has published a bill to give workers an extra five days of public holidays, which will be phased in by 2030.

The bill will gradually raise the annual number of statutory holidays — which companies must grant to employees — to 17, from 12 at present. Workers in many sectors have in the past only been given the 12 days.

The new law will grant one extra statutory holiday every other year from 2022. The five additional days will be increased beginning with the Birthday of the Buddha, followed by the first weekday after Christmas Day, Easter Monday, Good Friday, and the day following Good Friday.

“Subject to smooth passage of the bill, the first additional statutory holiday will be designated in 2022 and the alignment of the number of statutory holidays and general holidays will be achieved by 2030,” said a Labour Department spokesperson.

The bill will be introduced in the Legislative Council on March 17.