Flag of Ceuta.

Ceuta proposes 2021 work calendar

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This Spanish autonomous city on the north coast of Africa has announced its proposals for the working calendar for 2021.

In a review, the socialist party in Ceuta voted against the proposals as they said that any working calendar that excluded the Islamic festival of Eid al-Fitr wasn’t a complete calendar.

Under the proposals, citizens will enjoy 14 public holidays, two of which – Labour day and Christmas day fall on a Saturday.

As with recent years, the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Fitr is not given as a public holiday, though Eid al-Adha is a holiday on July 20th. In total, there will be five long weekends, though with four holidays falling on a Tuesday or Thursday, making a long weekend by using holiday vacation on the Mondays and Fridays would be a wise move.

The public holidays proposed for next year are:

Friday, January 1st, New Year; Wednesday, January 6th, Epiphany; April 1st, Holy Thursday; April 2nd, Good Friday; Saturday, May 1st, Labor Day; Monday June 14th, St. Anthony’s Day (in lieu); Tuesday July 20th, Eid El Kebir; Thursday August 5th, Our Lady of Africa; Thursday September 2nd, Ceuta Day; Tuesday October 12th, National Day of Spain; Monday, November 1st, All Saints; Monday, December 6th, Day of the Spanish Constitution; Wednesday December 8th, Day of the Immaculate Conception; Saturday, December 25th, Christmas Day.