Flag of Vanuatu

Vanuatu announces nine-day break for 40th anniversary of independence.


On July 30th 2020, Vanuatu will mark 40 years since it gained its independence from British and French control.

The archipelago gained independence as the Republic of Vanuatu (the name comes from two local words meaning ‘home’ and ‘stand’) and joined the Commonwealth.

To mark the anniversary, the President has declared several extra days of public holidays for all people working and residing throughout Vanuatu.

Speaking after the announcement, Prime Minister Bob Loughman said, “It was on the recommendations of the Independence Committee and the Government of Vanuatu that the President of the Republic, Pastor Obed Moses Tallis declared national public holidays from 23rd -31st July 2020 to enable workers and general public throughout the country to celebrate the country’s 40th Independence Anniversary.”

“The declaration is made in line with the previous Government’s decision and desire to ensure that the 40th Independence Celebrations is celebrated across the country and the whole nation, down to the Area Councils, and its people and residents celebrate and cherish the 40 years history of Vanuatu’s achievements. It is an historical milestone for any nation and Vanuatu is proud to celebrate its milestone,” Loughman added.

The holidays will begin on Thursday July 23rd and end on Friday July 31st 2020.