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Eid ul-Azha holiday dates in Pakistan confirmed

Asia Eid al-Adha

The federal government of Pakistan has decided to observe only three public holidays on the occasion of Eid ul-Azha in wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Eid ul-Azha is likely to take place on Friday July 31st, and instead of compensating the weekend with additional holidays, only Friday will be given as an additional holiday. The government has decided not to grant additional public holidays to reduce any unnecessary travel which could increase the spread of the virus.

Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the nation to celebrate Eid-ul-Azha with simplicity, strictly observing standard operating procedures (SOPs) against coronavirus.

Speaking to the media after inaugurating the Isolation Hospital and Infectious Treatment Center in Islamabad, the prime minister said: “Eid is coming, we should not do what we did the previous Eid.” The country saw a surge in coronavirus cases following Eid ul Fitr.

Mr Khan said the government has devised standard operating procedures for the upcoming Eid as to how to carry out animal sacrifices, saying: “I appeal to the entire nation to observe this Eid with simplicity — for the sake of your country, its economy and especially the elderly and at-risk members of the society.”

“If we take care now, then we can manage, God willing, to come out of this pandemic better than other countries,” he added.

Eid ul-Azha concludes the Pilgrimage to Mecca. Eid ul-Azha lasts for three days and commemorates Ibrahim’s (Abraham) willingness to obey God by sacrificing his son.