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Extremadura announces public holiday list for 2021

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Right in the middle of 2020, the government of Extremadura have announced the proposed public holiday list for 2021.

In the list, citizens of this Spanish autonomous region will enjoy 13 holidays across the region. Of these, two are lost to Saturdays.

The Assumption of Mary falls on a Sunday, and the proposal is to keep it in the family and replace it with the holiday for the husband of Mary, St. Joseph on Friday March 19th. It should be noted that last year’s draft holiday included St. Joseph’s Day as a replacement for the Day of Extemadura which fell on a weekend. This proposal was rejected.

If St. Joseph’s Day becomes a holiday, there will be five long weekends in 2021. As Constitution Day falls on a Monday and Immaculate Conception Day two days later, we recommend using a day of holiday leave on the ‘holiday aqueduct’ of Tuesday December 7th to create a five-day break in the run-up to Christmas – book now to avoid disappointment!

Friday, January 1st, New Year; Wednesday, January 6th, Epiphany; Friday March 19th, St. Joseph’s Day; April 1st, Holy Thursday; April 2nd, Good Friday; April 5th, Easter Monday; Saturday, May 1st, Labor Day; Wednesday September 8th, Extremadura Day; Tuesday October 12th, National Day of Spain; Monday, November 1st, All Saints; Monday, December 6th, Day of the Spanish Constitution; Wednesday December 8th, Day of the Immaculate Conception; Saturday, December 25th, Christmas Day.