Thailand announces long weekend at end of July

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The Thai Government has announced that there will be an additional public holiday on Monday July 27th 2020, to create a four-day weekend for the King’s Birthday.

This additional holiday will be taken from the three promised ‘make-up’ days for the Songkran public holidays that were postponed in April due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This means that Thai citizens will enjoy two four-day weekends in July 2020, as Monday July 6th and Tuesday July 7th are public holidays in lieu for Asahna Bucha Day and Buddhist Lent.

A government spokesman stated that the Thai Government has not decided on any dates for two remaining public holidays from the Songkran period and they would come later in the year when the Thai Cabinet makes its final decisions.

Looking ahead, if they follow the same path as July for using the holidays, Monday October 13th and Friday December 11th must be strong candidates as those dates would also create four-day weekends.