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Murcia announces public holiday dates for 2021

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The government of the Spanish Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia has agreed the calendar of holidays for the islands for 2021.

There will be a total 12 work-free days observed across this south-eastern region, with two of the days falling on a  weekend – Labour Day and Christmas Day both fall on a Saturday.

As Assumption Day falls on a Sunday, the Day of the Region of Murcia will be observed on Wednesday June 9th. Note that it will not be moved to the Monday after June 9th this year.

In total, citizens can look forward to five long weekends in 2021. As usual, the list of regional holidays will be bolstered by two municipal level holidays. Each council can decide and submit their choice for the additional holidays.

The holidays agreed by the cabinet for next year at the community level will be:

Friday, January 1st, New Year; Wednesday, January 6th, Epiphany; Friday March 19th, San José;  April 1st, Holy Thursday; April 2nd, Good Friday; Saturday, May 1st, Labor Day; Wednesday, June 9th, Day of the Region of Murcia; Tuesday October 12th, National Day of Spain; Monday, November 1st, All Saints; Monday, December 6th, Day of the Spanish Constitution; Wednesday December 8th, Day of the Immaculate Conception; Saturday, December 25th, Christmas Day.