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Japan 2021 Public Holiday dates amended for rescheduled Olympics

2021 Asia

The dates of several public holidays in Japan were changed in 2020 to create breaks at the start and end of the Tokyo Olympics. Following the postponement of the games due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the dates were not changed back.

The Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games have now been rescheduled for Summer 2021 and once again Japan has moved decided to shuffle the dates of the holidays. The cabinet has agreed on the dates for national holidays in 2021, with the following changes from the usual rules:

  • Marine Day moves from the third Monday in July to Thursday July 22nd the day before the Olympics opening ceremony.
  • Health-Sports Day moves from the second Monday in October to Friday July 23rd, the day of the opening ceremony.
  • Finally Mountain Day is brought forward by two days and will be observed on August 9th, to coincide with the closing ceremony.

The other National Holidays remain on their usual dates, with citizens enjoying six long weekends, with June and December, the only months not to feature a public holiday.

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