Navarra, Spain

Navarra announces its 2021 public holidays list

2021 Europe

The Government of Navarra has published the working calendar for 2021. The Regional Community of Navarra lies in the northern part of Spain.

As published by the Official Gazette of Navarra, there will be 14 work-free days, of which two will correspond to local festivities. One of these local holidays will be December 3rd, Navarra Day, which the government has set as a work-free day for the whole community.

The general holidays established for 2021 are:

January 1st: New Year; January 6th: Epiphany; March 19th: St. Joseph’s Day; April 1st: Holy Thursday; April 2nd: Good Friday; April 5th: Easter Monday; May 1st: Labour Day; October 12th: National Festival of Spain; November 1st: All Saints; December 3rd: Feast of St. Francis Xavier; December 6th: Constitution Day; December 8th: Immaculate Conception; December 25th: Christmas Day.

Each municipality can then one more local holiday, which each municipality can fix according to its patron saint. We can’t confirm these local holidays as each municipality must submit their proposal to the Department of Economic and Business Development by November 15th, indicating the date and commemoration.