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Taiwan Public Holidays For 2021 Announced

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According to the calendar released by the Directorate-General of Personnel Administration, Taiwanese workers will receive 116 public holidays, including weekends in 2021. During 2021 they will enjoy eight long weekends.

As usual planning ahead and using your annual holiday allowance to create long weekends is an efficient way to extend the public holidays.

In 2021, no public holiday falls on a Wednesday, so the eight long weekends are created using the normal holiday rules, with the usual proviso that some Saturdays will have to be sacrificed to create these long weekends. The make-up days will be February 20th and September 11th, according to the statement.

After Premier Su Tseng-chang approved a proposal in 2019 that future Lunar New Year holidays will start on the day before New Year’s Eve and the minimum number of days will be seven,  Taiwan will celebrate the arrival of the Chinese Year of the Ox with a week of holidays from Wednesday February 10th to Tuesday February 16th, creating a seven-day break.

Republic Day on January 1st falls on a Friday, creating a three-day long weekend with no use of holiday allowance.

Children’s Day and Tomb-Sweeping Day combine to create a four-day weekend at the start of April.

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