Nepal announces that lockdown is a public holiday

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The government of Nepal has decided to announce a public holiday for the lockdown period. A gazette issued by Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs Maheshwar Neupane reads that the public holiday was announced as per the Infectious Diseases Act 2020 BS.

The gazette said, “In the case of employees or workers who have been given leave by a government office, body or industry, the head of the office concerned has decided to maintain the public leave for the period of such leave so as to receive the salary and allowance.”

As per the notice, lockdown issued following the decision of March 22nd would be enlisted as public holidays in all government offices and other industries as well. The officials and workers in the industries will get paid leave for the said public holiday.

The government has decided to provide pay and perks as usual to salaried-workers by considering the ongoing lockdown as public holiday.

As per the decision of the Council of Ministers on April 20th, the notice should be published in the Nepal Gazette stating that the head of the office will maintain the public leave for the duration of the leave so that all the government office bodies and industries can get the salary and allowance.

The government of Nepal announced on April 26th an extension to the nationwide lockdown until 2359 hours on May 7th 2020. Per the lockdown order all residents and visitors throughout Nepal are required to remain in their place of residence.