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Bangladesh extends General Holidays for Coronavirus

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The Bangladeshi government has issued an order extending the nationwide holiday until April 11th, a day after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced the decision for the extension to prevent COVID-19 in the country.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said: “We have earlier announced a 10-day general holiday from March 26th [to April 4th] and it might be extended till April 9th.” The holiday will practically be extended till Sunday April 11th, making it a 17-day shutdown.

The Bangladeshi government has extended the ongoing public holiday until April 9th to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus in Bangladesh.

A Public Administration Ministry statement said the emergency services like power, water, gas, fire, cleanliness, telephone and internet services would remain beyond the purview of the holidays alongside transportation of food, medical equipment, germicides agricultural goods, fertilizer, industrial goods, other essential products of daily necessities.

According to the order the lockdown would spare as well kitchen markets, food shops, pharmacies and hospitals.

The order said restrictions on the movement different modes of public transports like train and bus services and the rickshaw vans would be relaxed in phases.

It said Bangladesh Bank would revise the current makeshift arrangements about the banking operations gauging the peoples necessities.