Bank Holiday

Indian Bank Holidays in March 2020


March 2020 brings about an average disruption to banking.

While there are no national Indian holidays in March, in total, banks may be closed in at least one state on 14 out of the 31 days in March.

March 2020 has five Sundays and the second and fourth Saturdays.

The major festival that will affect banks is in the second week of the month, with Holi falling on Tuesday March 10th.

A week of no holidays is followed a week that starts with a regional holiday in Haryana, before the arrival of Ugadi, Gudi Padwa and Cheti Chand on Wednesday March 25th.

Here is the list of the bank holidays in March:

March 1stSunday   Nationwide
March 8thSunday   Nationwide
March 10thTuesdayHoliWidespread
March 14thSaturdaySecond SaturdayNationwide
March 15thSunday   Nationwide
March 22ndSunday   Nationwide
March 23rdMondayHaryana Martyrs’ DayHaryana
March 25thWednesdayUgadi
Gudi Padwa
Cheti Chand
Several states
March 28thSaturdayFourth SaturdayNationwide
March 15thSunday   Nationwide