China extends public holidays to slow spread of epidemic

Asia Coronavirus

Chinese authorities have ordered the extension of a public holiday in an effort to contain the coronavirus, state-run media reported.

China is currently observing public holidays for the Spring Festival. The public holidays were intended to end on Thursday January 30th, with Saturday February 1st being a working day as compensation for one of the public holidays.

As part of a raft of measures to slow the spread of the respiratory virus, the public holidays will be extended until Sunday February 2nd.


Shanghai has announced that all enterprises will remain closed until Sunday February 9th. Similarly, Zhejiang Province announced it is delaying return to work and school to February 9th.

Guangdong Province have also announced that it will delay resumption of work and school to after February 9th and February 17th respectively.

Originating in Hubei’s capital of Wuhan, the virus has spread throughout China and across the world – with cases confirmed in around a dozen countries including as far away as the United States.