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Argentina to enjoy 20 Public Holidays in 2020

2020 South America

As we head in 2020, it’s a good time to think about the holidays in the coming year, to plan vacations and book holidays in advance. In Argentina, 2020 brings 20 public holidays, with only one of the holidays falling on a Saturday. As usual, three bridge days have been added to create four bumper long weekends (four days). Argentinians will also enjoy another seven long weekends (three days).

Here is a month-by-month run down of the holidays you can look forward to:


Wednesday 1st, fixed holiday for New Year’s Day.


Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th, holidays for Carnival, creating an extra long weekend.


Tuesday 24th is the fixed holiday for the National Day of Memory for Truth and Justice. It will be preceded by a non-working bridge day on Monday 23rd, creating an extra long weekend.


Thursday 2nd, fixed holiday for Veterans Day and Fallen in the Malvinas War.

The traditional Easter long weekend arrives with Thursday 9th, a non-working for Holy Thursday and Friday 10th, a holiday for Good Friday


Friday 1st, fixed holiday for Labor Day, a long weekend.

Monday 25th, fixed holiday for May Revolution Day, a long weekend.


Monday 15th, holiday for the Day of General Martín Miguel de Güemes. The holiday is moved from June 17th to create a long weekend.

Saturday 20th, immovable holiday for the Day of General Manuel Belgrano.


Thursday 9th, fixed holiday for Independence Day.

Friday 10th, a non-working bridge day for tourist purposes and to create an extra long weekend.


Monday 17th, holiday for General José de San Martín.


Monday 12th, holiday for the Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity.


Monday 23rd, holiday for the National Sovereignty Day. The holiday is moved from November 20th to create a long weekend.


Monday 7th, a non-work bridge day for tourism purposes, and to create an extra long weekend, as Tuesday 8th, immovable holiday for the Immaculate Conception of Mary.

2020 ends with Friday 25th, and a fixed holiday for Christmas.