Liberian Independence Day proclaimed for July 26th 2019

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Liberia Celebrates the 172nd anniversary of Independence on Friday July 26th 2019 – As President Weah Proclaims Public Holiday.

The President of the Republic of Liberia, George Weah has proclaimed Friday July 26th 2019 as the 172ndIndependence Anniversary of Liberia. The day is to be celebrated throughout the Republic as a National Holiday.   

According to a Foreign Ministry release, the official celebrations for this year’s Independence Day will take place  in the City of Monrovia, Montserrado County  under the national theme: TOGETHER, WE ARE STRONGER“.

The Proclamation further calls on Liberian citizens and foreign residents within Liberia to observe the Day as such. According to the release, government offices and business houses are to be closed during the observance from six o’clock ante meridian to six o’clock post meridian.

the Proclamation is in consonance with the “Patriotic and Cultural Observances Law”, Title 26, Liberian Code of Laws of 1956 which set aside  the 26th Day of July of each year to be known as “Independence Day”  and  appropriately celebrated as a public holiday throughout Liberia.  

Proclamation further noted that in his infinite goodness and mercy, God has blessed and prospered the work of the minds, hearts and hands of the people of the Republic from July 1847, following the declaration by Liberia as a free, sovereign and independent State.

”From the time Liberia declared  her independence, and throughout the years of our national life, manifold and varied have been the experiences of the nation and its people, who, through it all, have been able to forge their way by dint of perseverance, devotion, and courage”, the Proclamation declared.  

Source: Government of the Republic of Liberia: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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