Timor Leste

East Timor: Day Off on the 6th March 2019


Day Off on the 6th March 2019 Law no. 10/2005, of August 10, in the wording defined by Law no. 3/2016, of May 25, establishes the days that are national holidays, the official commemorative dates and the other circumstances in which tolerance days-off may be granted. When it comes to tolerance days-off, paragraph C) of nº 2 of article 7 of the same law determines that a religious celebration not contemplated by law may be subject to tolerance.

Among the official commemorative dates is Ash Wednesday, which, each year, has a variable date. Ash Wednesday is one of the solemnities that holds great significance in the Christian community. Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent on the calendar of the Catholic religion that occurs forty days before Easter and this year corresponds to Wednesday, March 6.

Thus, considering the provision in paragraph c) of nº 2 of article 7, and in paragraph d) of nº 6 of that article, the Government determines the following: 1. A tolerance day-off is granted on March 6, 2019, throughout the day; 2. This order covers all officials and agents of the Ministries or services under their dependency, as well as of the institutes and bodies integrated in the indirect administration of the State.

Ash Wednesday declared a holiday for the public sector in East Timor.

Source: Government of Timor-Leste